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Taste the best and most trusted spices like Organic Turmeric Powder (Haldi Powder), Organic Coriander Powder (Dhaniya Powder), Chili Powder (Mirchi Powder) and many more from us..

Spices are considered to be one of the most remarkable ingredients in any food recipe. Whether it is to prepare an Indian cuisine or to boost the flavors of a Mexican food, addition of appropriate spices has become mandatory to make it loved by the people. Not only the enhancement of taste is supported by this ingredient but also, spices serves several benefits to the foodies when consumed in the right amounts. Taking pride in offering a variety in spices, we, Jodhpur Masala Udyog are an eminent business unit, operating within the boundaries of India. We, cater to the demands of customers for Organic Turmeric Powder, Organic Coriander Powder, Chili Powder and Cumin Seeds, and the aforesaid catering has been praised and credited to our roles as a Manufacturer. We function with utmost dedication and dexterity so as to serve the clients with an unparalleled range of spices. The grounding of spices is done with the help of adroit experts who after its harvesting handle processing tasks to ensure that the finely grind powder is processed. And the powdered spices are further filtered to remove any foreign particles, so that it can be packed and served to the customers in good quality.

Our Values

Satisfaction of our customer is the main and most prioritized thing, which our company values. And to keep them content towards our products, we ensure to offer a distinctive quality spices at the most competitive rates.

Primary Uses of Our Spices in India

Can we name any Indian Food which tantalizes us but is prepared without spices? It is almost impossible because spices are the root to preparation of every delicious Indian Cuisine. Ever since spices are found, they are extensively used to develop flavors in the simplest of dishes and loved by everyone till date. And just because of this, we being an Indian cant ignore the value of spices to our meals. Below we have mentioned some uses of Spices, which not only helps in making but boosting flavors of various authentic Indian food:-

  • Curry: It is one of the most popular and loved method of preparing Indian cuisine. For making a curry, preferable spices are added with vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, and then cooked together to form a gravy water and oil is added to it. The prepared curry is served along with Indian bread (Roti) or with steamed rice, so as to complement to the taste of spices.
  • Bhuna: In this method, Indian Spices are added to a pan or in a Karahi with hot oil, and sizzled until their authentic flavors are released. This process is mainly used to prepare curry, as the raw flavors of spices are removed and an enhanced taste can be achieved.
  • Tadka: The cooking process of spices in this method is similar to that of a Bhuna. But usage of whole spices is what differentiates Tadka from Bhuna. And to make a recipe remarkably delightful in taste, Tadka is added to the curry after it the curry is prepared.